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Understanding Your Qualification


At CABE, we pride ourselves on providing the most practical and user-ready knowledge but we also understand the usefulness of having a globally recognised qualification. This is why our courses are accredited to the highest professional standard and are delivered at UK Level 4 and UK Level 6.

So what is a Level 4 and a Level 6 qualification?

UK Level 4 Qualification

UK level 4 qualifications are awarded in recognition of high level, specialist learning involving detailed analysis of information and knowledge in a particular area of study, and are at a level equivalent to Certificates of Higher Education or National Higher Certificates. CABE level 4 courses focus more on the vocational skills required at an organisational level or for running a business and is appropriate for students or individuals interested in a professional qualification, people working in technical and professional jobs, and/or those managing and developing others.

UK Level 6 Qualification

UK level 6 qualifications are awarded in recognition of proving specialist high level knowledge of a particular area of work or study using your own ideas and research in to solve complex problems and deal with complex situations. Level 6 qualifications are at a level equivalent to Bachelor’s degrees with honours, graduate certificates and graduate diplomas. Undertaking a level 6 course with CABE involves achieving a high level of professional industry knowledge and awareness, demonstration of strong analytical skills, and a willingness to think entrepreneurially. Learning at this level is appropriate for people working as knowledge-based professionals or in professional management positions.


In order to maintain the highest level of quality in the delivery of our courses / programmes and to ensure that the qualification you receive is globally competitive, CABE courses and CABE as an education provider have been accredited by the top UK accreditation and awarding bodies:


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